Burwood Hospital situated in pleasant wooded surroundings in the north east of Christchurch is the Canterbury District Health Board's centre of excellence for rehabilitation and elective orthopaedic surgery. 

Our aim is to be recognised as the premier provider of rehabilitation services in New Zealand and our staff are committed to meeting the needs of patients that will enable them to return to productive life. The delivery of quality health care as a partnership with individuals/whanau and their communities is the essence of this.

Ko te whakatauki o "Te Whare Toa Takitini" e pa ana ki a ratou kia tomo mai ki roto mo te tikaka ora o te tinana, hinekaro me to Wairua hoki.

"Ehara taku toa, I te toa takitahi, katahi, ko taku toa he toa takitini."

The proverbial saying which underpins Te Whare Toa Takitini/Burwood Hospital, concerning those who enter therein for their physical, mental, spiritual growth and wellbeing, is as follows:

"Mine is not the strength of one alone, it is the strength of many." 

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