The mobile surgical bus which travels through rural New Zealand on a 5 week cycle is operated by an experienced clinical team. Each week is led by a Clinical Nurse Leader and an Anaesthetic Technician.

Each host site provides additional admission, theatre and recovery nurses. MSS contract a Surgeon and Anaesthetist to support each specialty.

The MSS clinical team includes:

Wendy Lorentz – Clinical Nurse Manager

Wendy’s position has a blend of operational, management and clinical roles. Wendy works on the bus as Clinical Nurse Leader for one week per cycle. Wendy also manages the rest of the clinical team, and the day to day clinical aspects of the theatre.

“I thrive on the variety, the staff and working with the rural sites. It is a very special role that provides me with plenty of challenges!”

Joe de Schot – Clinical Nurse Leader

Joe has been with MSS for four years , and works on the bus as Clinical Team Leader for two weeks every cycle. She trained in Lower Hutt, and spent many years overseas before settling back in the Wairarapa. Joe has experience with NGO’s and NZDF in her travels. Joe calls this position her ‘dream job’!

Karenza Heath – Clinical Nurse Leader

Karenza joined the company five years ago, and has 20 years experience in surgical nursing. Karenza works on the bus as Clinical Team Leader during one week every cycle.

“The relationship I have with rural ‘smaller town’ New Zealand nursing colleagues and patients alike, is where my true passion for this role lies”

Judy Walker – Clinical Nurse Leader

Anne Shirtliffe – Clinical Nurse Leader

Michelle Murphy – Clinical Nurse Leader

Chris Heath – Anaesthetic Technician

Chris joined MSS shortly after the company started in 2003. Chris works on the bus as Anaesthetic Technician for two weeks every cycle.

“I feel very privileged in this unique role providing healthcare services to rural communities at a very personal level. It really is the rural people, both patients and hospital staff”

Sue Nilsen – Anaesthetic Technician

Athlie Price – Anaesthetic Technician

Matheus Batlajeri – Anaesthetic Technician

Bev Larsen – Anaesthetic Technician