Accessing the Service

To have a procedure performed on the ‘bus’, you will first need to be referred to a specialist by your GP. When you see the specialist, discuss with them if the ‘bus’ is a suitable place for you to have your treatment and, if appropriate, they will put your name on the DHB waiting list. From there, it is a matter of waiting until that specialist is working on the ‘bus’ and your case is at the top of the list. Often the specialist will be able to give you an expected date when they see you at their clinic.

Waiting times

You may not get faster access to surgery than if you have it performed at the base hospital, but will get guaranteed ‘set date’ surgery. You will also receive health care close to home. Once selected for day surgery pre-admission for patients usually takes place up to five weeks before the scheduled surgery, either when the ‘bus’ is in your locality on the previous cycle or through the base hospital system.

On the day

On the day of surgery, please report to the host medical facility, usually your local hospital, where the ‘bus’ is set up. After you have had your surgery, you will be transported to the recovery area at the host medical facility and stay for a short time before returning home the same day. Your GP or the specialist will provide further follow-up care if necessary.


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