The MSS 'bus' travels the length of New Zealand on a five-week cycle, providing low-risk elective day surgery using local and regional health care professionals.

The 'bus' arrives in the morning at a host medical facility and takes approximately one hour to prepare for surgery. It is hooked up to the host medical facility for power, water supply, waste water and computer data lines. In case of power failure, the 'bus' has an onboard generator.

These services have not been available in our smallest centres since the closure of surgical services in primary hospitals in the 1980s and 1990s. The 'bus' provides a welcome return to day surgery in rural New Zealand and the range of services available can be extended with the support of District Health Boards (DHBs), which know communities’ needs through DHB wait list information.

Operations Available

Over 300 different types of procedure may be performed on the bus by surgeons from a wide range of specialties. Here are just a few examples of procedures available on the bus: