Procedural Interventions

MSS have extensively used Telepresence to have a remote surgeon ‘virtually assist’ during a surgical procedure. Using the advanced video system with interactive controls, surgical teams with expert knowledge can become ‘virtual’ assistants to New Zealand surgical teams in cases that are difficult, unusual or where a new idea has been developed. This is all designed to bring safely to New Zealand patients the latest surgical advances.

‘Crossing Live’ to a Conference

Conference organisers may, as part of a meeting, offer their delegates to cross live to see colleagues demonstrating various specialist techniques adding a whole new dimension to the proceedings. Some of the possibilities:

Distance Learning

MSS currently uses the Telepresence to deliver a Rural Health Development Program to remote rural locations. The Telepresence allows MSS to use presenters that would not ordinarily be able to travel to the rural site.

‘Virtual’ Guests Joining Meeting

Conference organisers may wish to supplement their attending guests with a range of ‘virtual’ expert colleagues from different places in the world teleported in to give presentations or just as commonly to be part of a panel discussion.

Remote Consultation

This involve the presentation to a colleague or colleagues of specific problem patients.